The Board of Directors mission includes assisting the City of Norwich in furthering economic development through capacity and leadership, business relations and development, and branding, marketing and sales. The 15 person board meets monthly to plan and initiate efforts that create opportunities for economic and community growth, and provide leadership and direction to the NCDC staff.


45 Bob B 5246 2 Robert Buckley
Vice President Commercial Banking, Dime Bank
Rebecca Alberts
Vice Chair
These Guys Brewing Co.
45 Stacie L 5230 2 Stacie Lambert
American Ambulance
Best Pose Stephanie Fielding
Mohegan Tribal Elder and Linguist

Board Members:

Peter Nystrom
Norwich Mayor, City of Norwich
City Manager John Salomone John Salomone
City Manager, City of Norwich
Stacy Gould
Councilperson, City of Norwich
Carl Reiser Carl Reiser
Owner, New England Glass and Mirror
Robert Staley
NPU Commissioner, City of Norwich
Chris Larose
General Manager, NPU
Kathy LaCombe Kathy LaCombe
KM Architects
Chris Jewell
COO, Collins & Jewell
Frank Manfredi Frank Manfredi
Cotter, Greenfield, Manfredi & Lenes
Michael Rauh Michael Rauh
President, Chelsea Groton Bank
Swarnjit Singh
Owner, Swaran LLC and American Property Group LLC

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