Featured Property July 2013

340 West Thames St.

Amidst the many commercial sites lining busy West Thames Street stands an unpretentious white masonry building that should send your imagination straight to the U.S. Southwest. A touch of mission style, a touch of art deco, a little prairie school – this circa 1935 building’s straight geometric lines blend the styles into one beautifully simple design.  Four large front windows and central entrance grace the front and overlook the wide expanse of sidewalk that meanders through the neighborhood and separates its landscaped frontage from the roadway.

With a little imagination it’s easy to picture what you might be able to do in its 4600 square feet of open space.  Look forward a little – can you picture yourself walking up to the freshly whitewashed masonry exterior, under the brilliant blue awning and being transported to New Mexico? On the right imagine an intimate cantina complete with dark wood and warm yellow walls, heavy Spanish style furnishings, glowing candles and ornate wrought iron chandeliers.  The aroma of Tex-Mex fare makes your mouth water!  On the left is a small specialty market where you can purchase the cookware, serving pieces and hard to find ingredients you need to make your own recipes; crates filled with vibrantly colored ceramics and folk art, baskets of fiery peppers and smoky spices fill the shelves.  Can you picture yourself owning that business?  Just imagine…

Before Imagining