Movie fans will tell you that few sequels match the quality of the original. Not all seconds are second best, and that’s exactly the thinking behind the new boutique / antique shop in historic downtown Norwich: Encore Justified. Encore Justified is a whimsical double entendre, first based on the store’s upcycling premise – to reuse things (hence an encore) and then second because this is the second shop for owner Jill Fritzsche, of Canterbury.

We first met Jill in 2012, during the Connecticut Small Business Development Center’s entrepreneur classes at Three Rivers Community College. At that time she was successfully running an antique shop along scenic Route 169 in Canterbury and was looking to develop some additional business skills. When a storefront decorating opportunity arose, we invited Jill to display her wares in the City. We knew that she had good taste, and figured she could add some vibrancy to the empty windows as 102 Main Street.

Over the course of the next year, we talked with Jill about her business goals, about the emergence of a dining / entertainment scene in historic Downtown and about how she might fit into the city’s latest renewal efforts. It is also important to note that a key part of this process was an engaged property owner that was willing to think creatively. First, to allow us to program the space for decorating purposes, and then to work with Jill on lease terms that would enable her to occupy the space. Jill is currently holding off on having an official grand opening until the road construction is complete. Until that time, you can still check her out in the shop, and: