In this video, hear from three restaurateurs who found a home for their visions in the reimagined community of Norwich, CT.

Norwich is becoming a multicultural “foodie” city because of the amazing influence of two of the world’s largest casinos. They have brought a workforce of over 30 languages of the world to the area; the region and its venues are attracting over 22 million visitors to the region every year; the major expansion of state-of-the-art manufacturing at the submarine building facilities at Electric Boat is attracting over 10,000 new workers to the region through the next 30 years; the region is growing younger and looking for more authentic experiences and eateries. If you would like to be one of them in this area, please give our team a call to help you navigate the challenges of creating your own food business!

  • Norwich offers historic charm and a supportive business culture
  • Turnkey properties abound, with a variety of footprints, architectural details and pre-existing markets.
  • Active chamber, business development team and municipally-owned utility support restaurants through every challenge.
  • Norwich is home to a diverse workforce, food-service educational school, a US Foods distribution center, and large beer distributor.
  • We also offer a unique restaurant equipment auction house and a wide variety of “farm to table” vendors for locally-sourced food products.

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