Norwich leaders understood the problems associated with urban redevelopment indoors and created a way to help.  They designed three programs as tools for economic development assistance to Downtown Norwich.

revitalization-code-correction-buttonCode Correction Program – The Code Correction program is designed to help you make upper stories usable again. This program is a 50/50 grant to help cover the costs of making Downtown buildings ADA and Fire, Life, Safety compliant.

Code Correction Application   Code Correction – Guidelines



revitalization-lease-buttonLease Rebate Program- The Lease Rebate program give assistance to tenants by bridging the gap between lease payments and cash flow.

Lease Rebate Application  LeaseRebate-Guidelines



revitalization-revolving-buttonRevolving Loan Program – The Revolving Loan program was created to give businesses and developrs access to the capital they need to improve their current business or start a new one.

Revolving Loan Application Form      Revolving Loan Guidelines