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October 4, 2022

Norwich, CT – Norwich Community Development Corporation and the City of Norwich are pleased to announce the launch of Envision Norwich 360, a centralized community feedback platform.

Envision Norwich 360 is an online tool to give residents, visitors, property owners, and folks who care about Norwich, a place to learn, communicate, and share their viewpoints with each other, city officials, and project teams. Envision Norwich 360 currently features 5 projects – Submit an Idea, The Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD), the Community Investment Fund 2030 (CIF 2030), The Marina, and A Walkable Downtown – Lower Broadway Improvements. These 5 topics are the first of many and as we receive feedback, the projects and the ways to interact will update, both in quantity and topics.

Each project is managed by project staff and/or municipal representatives. Depending on your submission, someone from the project team may contact you via the platform for additional information. This site is collaborative and meant to increase responsiveness and transparency. It helps city leaders make better decisions by listening to those who make our city a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

We encourage you to log on, sign up, and share your thoughts at Envision Norwich 360 .

NCDC is proud to partner with the City of Norwich, property owners, developers, and entrepreneurs to continue to revitalize our community.


To learn more about how NCDC can help you and your business, visit our website at: Staff | NCDC | Norwich Community Development Corporation | Norwich, (CT) Connecticut (askncdc.com)


Cannabis Industry Updates

From the City of Norwich: Map Information and Comparing Properties

Using this attached PDF along with the GIS link, compare/contrast available properties/opportunities (red outlined areas).

Potential Cannabis Manufacturing Locations 1-26-2022


These highlighted areas are representative, not all inclusive, and do not in any way represent the intentions of the landowner or suggest the sites are up for negotiation. It is your responsibility to investigate each opportunity fully.

State of Connecticut: Licensing Application Dates, Fees, and Guidelines

Please see the following link to learn more about the Licensing types, Application process, Fee structures, and deadlines for submission.

Types of Licenses – Application requirements and schedules are attached to each license type.

Fee Structures – Fees are based on application type

The first application period for each license type will open for a period of 90 days on the following dates:

  • Disproportionately Impacted Area Cultivator: February 3, 2022 (non-lottery)
  • Retailer: February 3, 2022
  • Micro-cultivator: February 10, 2022
  • Delivery Service: February 17, 2022
  • Hybrid Retailer: February 24, 2022
  • Food and Beverage: March 3, 2022
  • Product Manufacturer: March 10, 2022
  • Product Packager: March 17, 2022
  • Transporter: March 24, 2022

Social Equity Council: Workforce Development Plans

The Office of Workforce Strategy and the Governor’s Workforce Council support the Social Equity Council in developing criteria used to (i) focus on reinvesting or providing employment and training opportunities for individuals in disproportionately impacted areas and (ii) well organized to provide said opportunities. The below Workforce Development Plan Criteria are an important element of the overall licensing application for new Cannabis establishments in Connecticut. The Office of Workforce Strategy and the
Workforce Development Committee of the Social Equity Council request that the components of
the Workforce Development Plan Criteria are considered with fidelity as part of the larger licensing
application. Applicants will be expected to meet all criteria to qualify for a license.

Workforce Development Plan Criteria


Norwich Community Development Corporation and City of Norwich Host Cannabis Conversations: Starting Your Business In Norwich



Norwich, CT – Norwich, CT – Norwich Community Development Corporation and the City of Norwich are pleased to host Cannabis Conversations: Starting Your Business in Norwich

Join us for an exploratory session focused on answering your Social Equity Licensing questions, opportunities for cultivation and manufacturing, site selection, and general information about this new industry. Meet developers, investors, industry professionals, and potential partners at this early stage development event.

  • Q&A Session
  • Industry Networking
  • Featured Speakers – State of CT, City of Norwich, Norwich Public Utilities, Grow Operators
  • Gain access to planners & decision makers

Registration for this event can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cannabis-conversations-getting-your-business-started-in-norwich-tickets-204405140277




Norwich Community Development Corporation and City of Norwich Grant $10K to Ventura Barbershop





Norwich, CT – Norwich, CT – Norwich Community Development Corporation and the City of Norwich are pleased to announce a Code Correction and Vanilla Box Project award of $10,073 to Ventura Barbershop. The grant was made possible through the American Rescue Plan funding received by the City of Norwich.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Carlos envisioned a better life for himself and his young family. Settling in Norwich, he found himself ready to open his own business. With the support of friends, family, NCDC, and the City of Norwich, he has been able to open a space of his own.

Owners Carlos and Brenda Ventura dedicated themselves to rehabilitating and opening a formerly vacant location on Jewitt City Road in the Taftville section of Norwich. Reimbursing approximately 1/3 of the costs to bring the space into Code Compliance and occupancy readiness, the matching grant program directly supports this local, minority owned service business, once again demonstrating the need for the Code Correction Program and the Vanilla Box Project.

NCDC is proud to partner with the City of Norwich, property owners, developers, and entrepreneurs to continue to revitalize our community.

For additional information about the organization and projects that we have been involved:




Norwich Community Development Corporation Awarded Grant from The Edward and Mary Lord Foundation


Norwich, CT – Norwich Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce receipt of a $40,000 grant from The Edward and Mary Lord Foundation in support of the award-winning Downtown Revitalization Program’s Vanilla Box Project.

What is a Vanilla Box and how does this substantial and generous grant help the project achieve its goals?

A Vanilla Box is a commercial space that has not been improved but is ready for tenant fit out. The investment gap that exists between property owners and potential tenants is one that prevents the activation of vacant or unusable space. The Lord Family Foundation grant helps to close that gap.

The Vanilla Box Project has been instrumental in redeveloping and reactivating formerly vacant locations in and around downtown Norwich. Through a series of sub-projects and associated programs, the Vanilla Box Project has contributed to an increase of 100,000 square feet of occupiable space.

The Lord Family Foundation recognizes the value of investing in downtown Norwich and their financial contribution supports the efforts of NCDC to create a vibrant and dynamic downtown area for property owners, investors, business owners, and residents.

For additional information about the organization and projects that we have been involved:




Norwich Community Development Corporation Announces New Executive Director



NCDC President and Executive Director Appointed

July 1, 2021

Norwich, CT – Norwich Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce Kevin “Red Eagle” Brown has been named President and Executive Director.

Kevin, a West Point graduate and 24-year Army veteran, has deep roots in our area. In addition to his Mohegan heritage and service to his tribe, his long family history in Norwich and involvement in state and regional development provides him unique insights into our area’s challenges, features, and economic development potential.

A lifelong learner and dedicated public servant, Kevin will bring years of education and experience to navigate the post-Covid economic recovery, bring a renewed sense of pride to Norwich, and develop strong partnerships with economic development and government organizations. Kevin has earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from West Point, a Master of Science in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School, a Master of Arts in Public Diplomacy from Norwich University and currently holds PhD candidacy in Security Studies from Kansas State University.

Kevin succeeds Jason Vincent, former President and Executive Director of Norwich Community Development Corporation, and will continue to explore, develop, and execute many of the ideas Jason envisioned. In conjunction with existing programs and partnerships, Kevin will engage with new entities, organizations, and agencies to advance and fulfill the mission of NCDC.



The Norwich Community Development Corporation (NCDC), led by business and civic leaders, has over forty years of experience in creating opportunities for business. NCDC has been responsible for several development initiatives in Norwich including the creation of over 45 business locations and 2,300 jobs in the Stanley Israelite Business Park; the Mercantile Exchange building- a 100,000 square foot class A office building and the Norwich Superior Courthouse – both constructed in the heart of historic Downtown Norwich.


In addition, NCDC was instrumental in securing and managing funding for both the renovation of Otis Library and the Norwich Marina.  NCDC is proud of its reputation for being active in developing relationships and collaborating with the City for the betterment of Norwich and for partnering with the City and Norwich Public Utilities to create a place where businesses grow and thrive. We know how to get things done.


For additional information about the organization and projects that we have been involved:




Norwich Community Development Corporation: Statement Regarding President Jason Vincent

All of us here at NCDC are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our President, leader, and friend Jason Vincent. We, like everyone in the community, are trying to cope during this incredibly difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family. With that in mind, we will plan a proper tribute to Jason in the not-so-distant future.

Our plan is to collaborate with other organizations that Jason held close to his heart and to be inclusive of the entire Norwich community. We will make sure we give Jason the proper recognition and acknowledgement that we all know he deserves. We appreciate your patience while we navigate the sudden loss of a great man who loved our city deeply.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
NCDC Board of Directors

For more information please contact:
Mary Riley
Community Manager
Norwich Community Development Corporation

NCDC: A partnership of city, local businesses helped restaurants open

THE DAY (May 28, 2020) — Reopening downtown restaurants for outside dining as the state eases COVID-19 restrictions proved to be a group effort in Norwich, with the city, local banks, a construction contractor, a waste removal company and even Frontier Communications helping to make it happen.

Norwich Community Development Corp. Senior Vice President Jason Vincent told the NCDC board of directors Thursday that efforts to open downtown restaurants to outside dining last week required a group effort of public and private entities. The city provided concrete barriers, traffic warning barrels and picnic tables at the start, and the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce and Global City Norwich loaned tents, Vincent said.

Several other businesses stepped up to donate supplies and services. Dime Bank purchased barrels of flowers and additional tents to enhance outdoor dining spaces, and Eastern Savings Bank quickly followed suit, buying outdoor dining tables and flowers, Vincent said.

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NCDC President Robert Mills to retire in July

THE DAY (May 28, 2020) — Norwich Community Development Corp. President Robert Mills will retire from the economic development agency July 31 after 12 years, reducing the agency’s staff to one full-time person.

Mills, 67, announced his retirement following the NCDC board of directors video conference meeting Thursday. The board met for an hour in executive session to discuss a personnel matter and did not discuss Mills’ departure in open session. The board has been discussing his position in executive session for the past several months. He said he has been working on a retirement plan for the past two years.

Mills’ departure will leave Senior Vice President Jason Vincent as the sole full-time staff member and apparent successor to Mills at NCDC and its Foundry 66 co-workspace. Vice President and Community Manager Jill Fritzsche left May 15 to become Killingly economic development director.

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Haitian flag raised in Norwich

THE BULLETIN (May 18, 2020) — Even though the yearly Haitian festival in Norwich is canceled due to the presence of COVID-19, Norwich Alderman Darrell Wilson said he and others wanted to show “our small piece appreciation and honor for such an important community in the City of Norwich.”

To commemorate the presence of the Haitian community in Norwich, a ceremony for Haitian National Flag Day was held Monday in front of the Norwich City Hall by the United Congregational Church. The U.S. flag and the Haitian flag flew next to each other.

“Haitians around the world celebrate National Flag Day, expressing their national pride, honoring the forefathers of the Nation, and replenishing their resolve for Haiti’s future in the face of their ancestors’ tremendous and unique accomplishment,” the website for the Haitian embassy in Washington, D.C., states.

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