Norwich, CT – Norwich Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce receipt of a $40,000 grant from The Edward and Mary Lord Foundation in support of the award-winning Downtown Revitalization Program’s Vanilla Box Project.

What is a Vanilla Box and how does this substantial and generous grant help the project achieve its goals?

A Vanilla Box is a commercial space that has not been improved but is ready for tenant fit out. The investment gap that exists between property owners and potential tenants is one that prevents the activation of vacant or unusable space. The Lord Family Foundation grant helps to close that gap.

The Vanilla Box Project has been instrumental in redeveloping and reactivating formerly vacant locations in and around downtown Norwich. Through a series of sub-projects and associated programs, the Vanilla Box Project has contributed to an increase of 100,000 square feet of occupiable space.

The Lord Family Foundation recognizes the value of investing in downtown Norwich and their financial contribution supports the efforts of NCDC to create a vibrant and dynamic downtown area for property owners, investors, business owners, and residents.

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