Business Attraction Services
We recognize and appreciate the time-sensitive nature of business attraction projects and are committed to assisting your site selection team with finding the information they need and understanding our City’s governmental processes as they relate to development.

Expansion and Retention Programs
Expansion and retention programs are extremely important to a thriving community, and we are constantly exploring new ways to assist existing businesses with referrals to business support agencies and access to incentive programs.

Education and Awareness
We know how important it is for the local community to know about development initiatives; communication with local officials and the public is one of our top priorities. We regularly attend City and City Council meetings, partner with other commissions, and stay in close contact with the local news agencies.

To engage with the community engagement tool, learn about the latest projects, and get involved, visit: Envision Norwich 360

If you can’t find it on these pages, staff stands ready to quickly research and answer your questions.



Opportunity Report

NCDC will be presenting the City with a quarterly Opportunity Report.  This data will be accompanied by a written explanation which should make the data easier to understand.  Please find the most current report below.