Norwich Community Development Corporation: Statement Regarding President Jason Vincent

All of us here at NCDC are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our President, leader, and friend Jason Vincent. We, like everyone in the community, are trying to cope during this incredibly difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family. With that in mind, we will plan a proper tribute to Jason in the not-so-distant future.

Our plan is to collaborate with other organizations that Jason held close to his heart and to be inclusive of the entire Norwich community. We will make sure we give Jason the proper recognition and acknowledgement that we all know he deserves. We appreciate your patience while we navigate the sudden loss of a great man who loved our city deeply.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
NCDC Board of Directors

For more information please contact:
Mary Riley
Community Manager
Norwich Community Development Corporation

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Norwich highlights downtown development progress

THE DAY (June 19, 2019) — Norwich — City leaders, business owners and enthusiastic advocates hosted a Connecticut Main Street downtown preservation conference Wednesday highlighting the varied efforts to revitalize downtown Norwich, from festivals to financial incentives to free consultations with city permitting agencies to help entrepreneurs with business plans.

More than 100 participants attended the morning conference in the historic Wauregan Hotel ballroom prior to walking tours of downtown with four tour leaders pointing out new and mainstay businesses, renovations underway and troubled long-vacant properties.

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A Sit Down with Jeff Blayman

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
Jeff: I’m a life long Norwich resident with a passion for skateboarding that has encompassed so
many aspects of my life. I started skating when I was just a boy and after 32 years of sidewalk
surfing I still find it a thrill.
Q: How long have you been in business?
Jeff: I have had many jobs within the skateboard industry ranging from Summer camp instructor,
freelance videographer and at one point I had the pleasure of running an indoor skateboard park
franchise. This is what led to my current business of running my small national brand Worship
Skateboards, which started in 2003 and led to my opening the Ideal Skate Shop here in my
hometown of Norwich in 2004.
Q: What inspired you to open a skate shop?
Jeff: Oddly enough, it was never my plan to have a store. I was merely trying to help local kids
get their hands on my American made product and unfortunately there was no outlet in the
immediate area. The inspiration for the board brand however was more of a passion project that
grew out of not liking the trend of other companies writing their name on boards as if it were a
soda can. I just wanted to see the art of skateboard graphics return to being subtle messages and
dramatic art instead of corporate branding. Happily, my brand sells to almost 80 skate shops
around the country. What I love about Worship skateboards is that you can hang these
skateboards on your wall or destroy them having fun as they were intended and its absolutely
beautiful either way. I love seeing people admire the boards in art galleries as well as out in the
Q: What has been your proudest accomplishment?  
Jeff: It was again just a happy accident that became another passion project. About 5 years ago
we did a single skateboard lesson for a child on the Autism spectrum. Now years later, we have
partnered a local Non profit and created the Success on Skateboards (SOS) program. Our focus
is offering skate lessons to children on the Spectrum and those with sensory disabilities. Besides
the unbridled joy you see in the children’s faces, we find the added benefits are improved
communication, balance, trust, and independence. The same passion for the program is exuded
by the many volunteers for whom we are eternally grateful.
Q: What do you love most about Norwich?
Jeff:  Simply put, Norwich is a blank canvas. For as much as it has a glorious past, it also has a
bright future that we are constantly creating. You may have noticed that the current level of
economic development is overflowing. From civic work projects, to beautification, to multitudes
of small business’ eager to contribute to this Rose city renaissance.

Q: If someone was trying to start up their own business, what advice would you give them?
Jeff: Take the leap. The fear and trepidation that you have is normal and is truly a motivating
factor. If you translate that feeling into excitement rather than anxiety you’ll experience many a
sleepless night grinding out details and looking forward to the ideas coming to fruition. Nothing
happens when you stand still and thus momentum should be your goal.
Q: What are you most looking forward to within the next year?
Jeff: I am looking forward to seeing Norwich grow as a community and also as a destination
location that people want to travel to from abroad. I love the idea that Global City Norwich with
the help of NCDC has been exploring the international traditions and cultures through street
festivals. It’s these type of events that bring thousands of people to the city to celebrate Norwich
Thereby exposing people to all of these fascinating changes that are happening currently. There’s
no better marketing or exposure than a festival or parade putting real feet to pavement and
casting all eyes on our city center.
And as organizations in town are able to put on more events to create more reasons to celebrate
Norwich… we will continue to advance our city and celebrate it’s diversity. WE are Norwich
The Ideal Skate Shop is located at 175 Central Ave, Norwich, CT 06360. 860-334-5277 for info.

Norwich mayor urges council to support economic development proposals

Norwich – Mayor Peter Nystrom warned fellow members of the City Council Monday to “keep your weekends open” for council workshops on issues including reviving his proposed economic development bond, creating a charter revision commission and discussions on waterfront development.

Nystrom delivered his sixth State of the City address as mayor Monday, mixing a celebration of development accomplishments over the past year with calls for city leaders to work together on development issues in the year ahead.

“It should be noted that change through economic development is a long-term proposition that takes focused teamwork and dedication to implement and benefit from,” Nystrom said. “We have a talented team of professionals, passionate and dedicated leadership, a highly flexible and resourceful utility, and, a community ready to embrace change.”

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City officials thrilled to see Hale Mill project come to life

NORWICH BULLETIN (December 19, 2018) — A multimillion-dollar development project proposing to bring an upscale hotel to Yantic may break ground as early as spring.

The Commission on the City Plan Tuesday unanimously approved both the site development plan and the special permit request for a proposed 151-room hotel with several amenities including an indoor pool, restaurant, banquet facility and recreational space at an abandoned mill building in Yantic.

The building, known as Hale Mill, was originally built in 1864 as a textile mill and sits at 140 Yantic Road, across from the Yantic Volunteer Fire Department. According to records at City Hall, the buyer, Mill Development CT LLC, of Woodside, N.Y., purchased the 10-acre property in June for $826,000.

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Norwich offers Narcan training to downtown business owners

Norwich – Angelo Callis wore a Santa hat and a bright red scarf and carried a sack as he and two assistants visited downtown businesses Monday.

They weren’t carrying holiday presents to shop owners and businesses, but what they did have saves lives.

The three members of Norwich Youth and Family Service’s Partnership for Success program brought Narcan kits and free training to businesses interested in learning how to administer the opioid overdose-reversing drug and stocking it in their establishments.

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Global City Norwich celebrates the city’s history with Candy Cocoa and Coffee Festival

NORWICH — As part of a new directive to bring more people downtown, Global City Norwich not only celebrated the coming holidays with many activities, but also celebrated the city’s history.

Sunday’s Candy, Cocoa and Coffee Festival sported an array of local vendors, including the Blazin’ BBQ food truck, Opal’s Kitchen and myriad small jewelry and baked goods vendors. There were activities for kids such as rock painting, gingerbread house building, and an appearance from Santa Claus.

They created a spectacle with elves walking around, and even had a few on tall stilts dancing to the music in the street.

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Essex chemical engineering firm expanding to Norwich

Norwich — An Essex-based chemical engineering research and development firm has purchased a vacant 76,000-square-foot building in the business park for $1.9 million and plans to launch an advanced manufacturing arm of the business there once renovations are completed.

Nalas Engineering Services Inc. of the Centerbrook section of Essex purchased the building formerly occupied by Gunther International LTD, at 1 Winnenden Road at the corner of New Park Avenue in the Stanley Israelite Norwich Business Park. The transaction was recorded in the Norwich land records Monday, with the city receiving $9,660 in property conveyance taxes.

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The Chelsea Groton Foundation makes 2nd $100K Grant to Support Global City Norwich

Additional Gift is to Focus on Funding for Entrepreneurship & Small Business

NORWICH, Connecticut (December 10, 2018) – The Chelsea Groton Foundation recently presented a grant donation of $100,000 to NCDC’s Global City Norwich program, to be used specifically for assisting multicultural entrepreneurs and small business owners who are interested in occupying storefront spaces in the Downtown area, or who currently own businesses and are looking to grow.

Funds will be used to identify and train entrepreneurs, build partnerships in order to help entrepreneurs find appropriate storefront spaces and funding for their businesses, and create a thriving downtown environment that will ensure increased traffic in area businesses.

“Since the launch of Global City Norwich, we’ve already seen a positive impact on the Norwich community. People came out in droves for the festivals that were hosted this summer and fall. Now, the Chelsea Groton Foundation is thrilled to give another grant to Global City to really focus on developing and assisting multicultural entrepreneurs and small business owners, an area that’s very important to us,” shared Michael Rauh, President and CEO of Chelsea Groton Bank and President of the Chelsea Groton Foundation. “Small business activity is critical to the success of any downtown area, and it will be no different in Norwich. There are incredibly talented entrepreneurs and small business owners in Norwich and the surrounding areas, and we’re looking forward to supporting them through this grant.”

“We believe our business community should be a reflection of our diverse and vibrant community. The Global City Norwich program is focused on removing the barriers to entrepreneurship through collaborations, business education and shared resources. The talent and our future business leaders live amongst us and this program lends to pave the road to business ownership,” explained Bob Mills, President of NCDC.

The first grant presented by the Chelsea Groton Foundation was to assist with the launch and development of Global City Norwich, a multi-cultural program that brings people together to participate in rich, diverse, multicultural experiences that the residents of Norwich and its surrounding communities have to offer.

To view parts of the grant presentation, and to gain a better understanding of the positive impact Global City Norwich has and will continue to have on area business owners, watch this video.

About the Chelsea Groton Foundation
The Chelsea Groton Foundation was formed in June 1998 as a Section 501(c) (3) organization. Initially endowed with a $2 million donation from Chelsea Groton Bank, and recently gifted an additional $5 million from the Bank, the Foundation has, to date, awarded over $3.2 million in grants to hundreds of scientific, educational and charitable organizations located within the Bank’s market area. To learn more, visit

About NCDC / Foundry66
NCDC is a private 501(c) (3) development corporation founded to improve the economic condition of Norwich, its Downtown, waterfront and Business Park. Foundry66 is a co-working space dedicated to helping create and support microenterprise businesses in the area. To find out more about us and our mission, please visit and