crossfitCrossfit has become a major fitness trend across the United States. Well, what the heck is it? Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program modelled after law enforcement and military training techniques, in which you train for real world fitness needs, rather than for a specific muscle group. David Marshal and Josh Michaud started their quest to find space suitable in Norwich for their business back in 2011, but realized that more planning was needed before launching into the venture.

We most recently connected with the guys in January of this past year when they were looking to secure a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for a space on West Thames Street. Why would they contact us? In this instance, one of our real estate broker partners, Fred Allyn, Jr., connected them with us. Few businesses realize that there are four key local steps to address prior to occupying a space, especially if it involves a “change of use,” and each of these steps has a slightly different definition for change of use, to serve the purposes of the laws or policies that they are seeking to enforce. What to know more about the change of use process? See our “Four Degrees of “Change of Use” write-up, here: Click to read story

This project involved a “change of use” under the Zoning Regulations, and an application for approval was submitted to the Commission on the City Plan (SDP #1028) in accordance with Section 7.3 “Mill Enhancement Program” in the City’s Zoning Regulations. The project was unanimously approved on February 25th, 2014. What did we do to help? We coordinated meetings with code officials at three sites, assisted with the development of two site plan applications, aligned them with professional technical assistance (i.e., architect) and attended the Commission on the City Plan meeting to provide confidence in their application, and technical assistance if needed.

What we have found is that few businesses understand rules and regulations that are outside of their industry. Worse, they often get misinformation from well-intentioned friends and family that are not involved in rule enforcement (i.e., “my cousin’s dentist’s sister said I didn’t need to get a permit, because…”). Ramping up their knowledge of other rules and regulations (e.g., zoning, building, fire) is challenging and overwhelming; creating a stressful situation. This is where many businesses quit.

Sometimes having the right people on your team, in this case an architect, can save a significant amount of time and money (do it right the first time). We’ve also found that by being present, we can reduce the stress and create confidence that they are on the right track and in doing so, create a much more comfortable experience. It’s exactly what they do with their training program: regular folks come to work out in an environment that provides confidence, technical knowhow and a great community feel. A place where people feel comfortable outside of their regular comfort zone.

 Now that is legit. Too Legit…? Nope, Crossfit.

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