Customer care is a top priority for NCDC, we pride ourselves on customer service.  That being said with the multitude of projects going on all the time letting a ball drop is a real possibility.  To aid the office with customer and project tracking, NCDC has adopted Prophet as our new CRM tool.

Prophet is an Outlook add on, that seamlessly meshes with Outlook mail, calendar and contacts.  It allows individuals to track projects and report out on progress.  It all starts at inception.  When a client walks through the door, pertinent information is gathered with a customer intake form.  This allows the individual to gather data on a client without having to sit at a computer during a meeting. Then clients can be assigned to individual team members depending on their needs. The program also alerts team members to new projects and sends reminders to follow up.

We are excited about the new tool and our quarterly reports are a direct correlation of being able to accurately track current projects.  If you want to see how our CRM tool is working, please check out our reports found HERE.