Norwich Releases “Doing Business in Norwich A Resource Guide”

The City of Norwich is proud to announce the release of the Doing Business in Norwich Guide.  This guide takes a process that has not always been well defined and creates a map for businesses to follow.  The guide is the culmination of a year of work between the City of Norwich, Norwich Public Utilities, NCDC and The Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce.

“The City is proud to be able to collaborate to develop a process that is easily understood and better positions businesses to be able to open or expand in the City,” said Mayor Hinchey.  The booklet, which has been printed, is currently available at NCDC and City Hall as well as digitally on the City, NCDC, and the Greater Norwich Area Chamber websites.  This guide will assist businesses in writing a business plan and working through approval processes, to hiring employees and scheduling a ribbon cutting.  (Find the guide digitally here:

“This is a much needed piece of the puzzle,” says Robert Mills, NCDC’s President.  “We frequently have people asking about the process, which can be confusing.  We want businesses to be confident with the procedure and be able to walk away with the ability to complete the project. Helping business needs a team approach and all the players need to be using the same playbook.  Now that is possible.”

“We are very pleased to partner up with the City, NCDC and NPU on this guide,” says Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Andrew Nollman.  “This document is designed to help businesses navigate through those hurdles that we’ve all gone through, as the new business is getting ready to launch.  Our hope is that this document helps makes that process smoother and ultimately helps more businesses have quicker success.”

This guide is now available for all businesses currently in the City and any new businesses thinking of expanding to Norwich.


Norwich’s long awaited brewpub is open and ready for your business! Owners Raymond and Rebecca “Becka” Alberts with their partners Greg and Scott Demetri signed a lease at 78 Franklin Street in March of 2015 and spent the next 6 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the project and officially opened their doors in August of 2015.  Tin panels still grace the walls and ceiling of the establishment and industrial style lights hang from the ceiling.  Although the elaborate bar with wooden sculpted figureheads has been replaced, it is in storage.  In its place is a beautifully simple wooden bar.  Original brickwork had to be removed in what was the old stable area, brick work had to be removed to make room for the brew tanks, but the utmost care was taken to make the repairs look like they had always been there.

Becka (one of two female brewers in the state of Connecticut) has praised all city agencies involved in the tedious process of renovating and getting their certificate of occupancy. NPU also provided services to the property, helping to install new water and gas lines to the supply the new brewing operations. Additionally the property owner Ausable River LLC was able to take advantage of the Code Correction program to help brace the second floor so that the first floor could be occupied and These Guys applied for and received a Lease Rebate for the business.

Since their doors opened These Guys Brewing has been getting rave reviews including a great food review by The Bulletin, ( but please don’t take our word for it.  Stop in today for lunch, dinner or drinks.

These Guys is open Mondays 4-10, Tuesday-Thursday 11:30-10 and Friday-Sunday 11:30 to 11:30.


In April of 2015, NCDC began working with the City of Norwich to write a grant supporting the cleanup of the brownfield at Terminal Way along the west side of the Thames River. In July of 2015 the City of Norwich was awarded one of eight $200,000 statewide assessment grants through the Connecticut Remedial Action and Redevelopment Municipal Grant Program. This program administered by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) provides grants to municipalities and economic development agencies for environmental site assessments to support remediation, abatement, and demolition activities prior to redevelopment.
“Remediating and redeveloping these sites helps jump-start local economies by rehabilitating areas, putting them back into use for development, and creating jobs for residents,” Governor Malloy said. “Over the last few years we’ve made historic investments in remediating contaminated properties for redevelopment, and these additional projects further demonstrate our commitment to our cities and towns.”

Congratulations to Thayer’s Marine!

Thayer’s Marine has been named the Top Single Market Dealer for Stratos Boats. This honor is presented to the dealership with the highest average of purchases in a single market and was presented to Rich and Dolores Thayer by Stratos Brand Manager Jason Bragg at the National Dealership Conference on July 29, 2015.

We are elated that Thayer’s Marine is part of the Norwich business community and congratulate them on the outstanding work they put into the business and customer service.

To find out more about Thayer’s, please visit their website:

NCDC Adopts Prophet as CRM Tool

Customer care is a top priority for NCDC, we pride ourselves on customer service.  That being said with the multitude of projects going on all the time letting a ball drop is a real possibility.  To aid the office with customer and project tracking, NCDC has adopted Prophet as our new CRM tool.

Prophet is an Outlook add on, that seamlessly meshes with Outlook mail, calendar and contacts.  It allows individuals to track projects and report out on progress.  It all starts at inception.  When a client walks through the door, pertinent information is gathered with a customer intake form.  This allows the individual to gather data on a client without having to sit at a computer during a meeting. Then clients can be assigned to individual team members depending on their needs. The program also alerts team members to new projects and sends reminders to follow up.

We are excited about the new tool and our quarterly reports are a direct correlation of being able to accurately track current projects.  If you want to see how our CRM tool is working, please check out our reports found HERE.




Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC                                                   Docket No. PF15-12-000






(April 27, 2015)

The staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or Commission) will prepare an environmental assessment (EA) that will discuss the environmental impacts of the Atlantic Bridge Project (Project), which would involve construction and operation of facilities by Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC (Algonquin) in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  The Commission will use this EA in its decision-making process to determine whether the Project is in the public convenience and necessity.


This notice announces the opening of the scoping process the Commission will use to gather input from the public and interested agencies on the Project.  You can make a difference by providing use with your specific comments or concerns about the Project.  Your comments should focus on the potential environmental effects, reasonable alternatives, and measures to avoid or lessen environmental impacts.  Your input will help the Commission staff determine what issues need to be evaluated in the EA.  To ensure that your comments are timely and properly recorded, please send your comments so that the Commission receives them in Washington, DC on or before June 11, 2015; however, this will not be the only public input opportunity for the Project.  Please refer to the Review Process flow chart in Appendix 1.[1]


If you sent comments on this project to the Commission before the opening of this docket on January 30, 2015, you will need to file those comments in Docket No. CP15-12-000 to ensure they are considered as part of this proceeding.

[1] The appendices referenced in this notice will not appear in the Federal Register.  Copies of the appendices were sent to all those receiving this notice in the mail and are available at using the link called “eLibrary” or from the Commission’s Public Reference Room, 888 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20426, or call (202) 502-8371.  For instructions on connecting to eLibrary, refer to the last page of this notice.

For Full Article Click Here

NCDC Receives Farmer’s Market Promotion Grant

For Immediate Release 

Norwich Community Development Corporation (NCDC) is pleased to announce it has been selected by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service to receive federal funding for the Downtown Norwich Farmer’s Market through the Farmer’s Market Promotion Program (FMPP).

The $36,365.00 award will help promote the Downtown Norwich Market, make it more accessible to people of limited means and promote the market locally and regionally.

According to our Market Manager, “This grant is really a boon for the City.  It will allow us to bring more people into the market and provide services such as cooking demonstrations, and classes for children.  It allows for promotion of the market in newspapers and with print material.  This grant will help us make the Downtown Market a huge success for the 2015 season.”

NCDC is in its fourth year managing the Downtown Norwich Farmer’s Market after the departure of Rose City Renaissance.  This year the American Group has stepped up to partner with NCDC on market management.  “The market is the perfect complement to what we do at the American Group,” says CEO Michael Aliano. “Our newest addition Get Bent Yoga Studio is about bringing health and wellness to the City and what better way to start than with healthy eating.  That is why we brought Yoga in the Park to the market this year.”

“NCDC strives to do everything in our power to bring business to Norwich, and the Farmer’s Market is a place where small local farms and crafters can do business in the city.  It just makes sense,” says NCDC President Robert Mills. “This grant will enable us to properly promote these small businesses in a way they couldn’t do themselves.”

Norwich was one of only two cities in Connecticut to receive funding in this round of awards and we are very grateful to the USDA for awarding it to us.

— ### —



The Stanley Israelite Business Park is a 450-acre business site located on the western side of the City.  It was envisioned early 1960’s as a modern industrial park.  Over the summer NCDC conducted interviews across the tenancy of Norwich’s Stanley Israelite Business Park in order to stay current with the businesses and to assess needs of the park overall.  We assembled a final report on the status of the park which you can see it here: CLICK HERE.  NCDC is proud to have played such a significant role to the contribution of the economy in Norwich over the last 50 years thorough the Business Park.  Some of you may recall that the Park has been labeled “the park on the hill where only billy goats work.”  Well, land is indeed hard to come by in Norwich and the Business Park may have less than ideal topography however, this is a perfect example of an absolutely fantastic success.  Here’s why we should all be proud of the businesses in the Park:

  • Businesses in the Park generate approximately $520,000,000 in revenues (self-reported)
  • The Park uses approximately 2% of Norwich’s land area (450 / 17,920 acres), yet the Park:
    • accounts for 8% of employment in Norwich (1,924 / 22,177)
    • accounts for 5% of the tax revenue for Norwich ( $3,196,079 / $66,134,833)
    • accounts for approximately 23% of utility revenue payments to Norwich ($1,474,000 / $6,250,494)
    • provide approximately $91,000,000 in average purchasing power within the region


New Opportunity

Now, for the first time in 35 years, due to some recent actions, the Business Park has room to grow, opening up new land for development.  In 2013 Dominion decided to site a $8-10 million remote emergency operations center here in Norwich.  While working with the Dominion Team, NCDC staff contacted many property owners in and around the Business Park about availability of land for development.  There were several prospective sites, but due to other restrictions and considerations, only two of those sites made the final list: the Easter Seals site on Stott Avenue and undeveloped land on Consumers Avenue.  Dominion decided on the Stott Avenue parcel. Since then, the owner of Consumers Interstate decided to place their excess land on the market.  See it here:


If that land is developed to its fullest extent, it could mean up to an additional 190 jobs, $146,000 in new utility payments to the City and new Norwich personal and real property taxes of $160,000 per year.  Considering the long revenue tail that is associated with this kind of economic development activity, this opportunity could provide a significant contribution to the community.  Combine this with prospective new development across the Business Park, and Norwich’s Stanley Israelite Business Park will continue to contribute more and more to the bottom line of the City of Norwich while providing a great place for an additional $51.75 million in business revenue and $9,000,000 in purchasing power in the region.  That is the beginning of real success by any standard!