Norwich Has So Much Potential…

If you live in Norwich, you have probably said this or heard it many times. It is because you and others see historic, cultural and natural assets throughout the City and wonder why “someone” is not doing “something” about it.

We’ve heard it quite often as well, and are working to transform those assets into products. Trying to rally the “someones” by developing a though-out series of “somethings”. If your questions is “hasn’t that been done before?” The answer is sometimes “yes,” but here is what is different. Past efforts, the Heritage Walk and the various walking tour brochures of the city’s historic neighborhoods, do not tell the story well. There is no hook that captures the imagination of a visitor, to get them to need to stop in the first place, nor has there been a marketing component to create a value proposition. Old buildings, scenic views and “neat” places are not enough to create the draw that places like Norwich need. What do Tourists want? Value for their time and money, unique experiences, along with insight and education. Marketing materials need to inform tourists that these places will deliver and then, most importantly, we need to deliver. Continue reading “Norwich Has So Much Potential…” »

Featured Property

Featured Property July 2013

340 West Thames St.

Amidst the many commercial sites lining busy West Thames Street stands an unpretentious white masonry building that should send your imagination straight to the U.S. Southwest. A touch of mission style, a touch of art deco, a little prairie school – this circa 1935 building’s straight geometric lines blend the styles into one beautifully simple design.  Four large front windows and central entrance grace the front and overlook the wide expanse of sidewalk that meanders through the neighborhood and separates its landscaped frontage from the roadway. Continue reading “Featured Property” »

A Message From Our Leader

Robert MillsWith the hottest month on record and torrential rain last week leading to flooding in some parts of the city, the weather has been feast or famine here in Norwich. Here at the office we keep plugging away, (even if it has been in very low light conditions to keep the A/C working).  The atmosphere here is that Norwich is coming together in new and creative ways.

The Downtown Norwich Farmer’s Market has started the season very well.  There are four fruit and vegetable vendors this year along with baked goods, honey, and food trucks for lunch it is becoming a very successful market.  We have heard over the past couple of years that the public would like to see more of an afternoon/evening market so we will conduct a couple of experiments this season with the vendors and look to expanded hours that will benefit everyone’s needs next season.   Any observations and ideas are welcome! Continue reading “A Message From Our Leader” »